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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mackenzie-childs in Miniature

Sometimes you see something and think "wouldn't that be cute made up for my doll.?" {Will I do anyway, and there is no harm in my playing with my dolls. It's relaxing!}
  So I was on this web site and saw some beautiful sofa's and chairs and stools. I had to make something up for my 22" ball jointed doll. Nothing like a little creative designing to get one up and moving. You can take a look at their web site and compare with my sofa and stool. I still have the chair to make up yet. So what do you think? It's not  perfect, but then neither am I.

 And here is the doll relaxing…

I love the designs and creative look, and there is even a mini dollhouse done up in the Mackenzie-childs look. So cute…..