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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Myth Maker

I have been wanting to make one ever sense I finished my secret keeper.
So here he is. He brought along his pet frog.
And together don't they look like quite a couple?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Little blue gown

Here is Cosette in her new little blue party gown. She said lots of lace please, and that's just what she got. It's only wrong if the person making it thinks it is. lol.
   After all creating these things is for the fun of it, and to enjoy. When someone tries to take the joy out of what your doing, it's usually to make them feel superior to you, and not because you did anything wrong. I miss the good old days when people were taught to think before they opened their mouths, and then if you couldn't say anything nice… you just didn't say anything at all.
Whatever happened to manners ?

  Well, Cosette doesn't care if you think her lace is to big for her… she likes it. lol.
And her pet donkey thinks she might have a carrot in her pocket  just for her.
We're still thinking up a name for the donkey.

And I found a little pincushion that makes a perfect armchair for her.

She is making herself right to home, and now I know why I bought these things a long time ago.

This little chest I have had for many years. One of the few things that survived the moves and all the other things that happen in ones life. It had dried out pretty badly and didn't look very good, but a good dose of Glo and some sanding and it looks as good as new. It's the perfect size for little Cosette.
  Funny what we manage to hang onto, and in my case I am lucky to have much left at all. Every little thing brings back memories of one time or another, as if it was yesterday. So much was lost or stolen.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rosebuds for Cosette

I want6ed to make up something for this tiny little doll by Hellen Kish. Cosette, reminds me of a fairytale entitled Thumblina. All about a tiny little girl no bigger than your thumb, and all her misadventures. So making these rosebud furniture pieces were perfect for her. She still needs a bed,
 but that's next. At least she has her nighty and housecoat of pink chiffon.
PLay clothes and a party dress is coming up next as well.
I love little things.She will make a good travel doll.

And lets not forget her pet rabbit, Snowflake.

The Rosebud chair

And her bed time fairy bower….