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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mackenzie-childs in Miniature

Sometimes you see something and think "wouldn't that be cute made up for my doll.?" {Will I do anyway, and there is no harm in my playing with my dolls. It's relaxing!}
  So I was on this web site and saw some beautiful sofa's and chairs and stools. I had to make something up for my 22" ball jointed doll. Nothing like a little creative designing to get one up and moving. You can take a look at their web site and compare with my sofa and stool. I still have the chair to make up yet. So what do you think? It's not  perfect, but then neither am I.

 And here is the doll relaxing…

I love the designs and creative look, and there is even a mini dollhouse done up in the Mackenzie-childs look. So cute…..

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is it nesting?

Or something else? I have been moving my sewing/craft room around, and around and around. Trying to find the perfect way for it to fit into the space I have. Half of the room is the computer/ printer etc., along with a large craft box holding all my scrapbooking supplies {and a bit more. lol}
  The other half is the sewing side. Two sewing machine {that are set up, two more under the table}, a serger, and a large embroidery machine. Of course there are all the "things" that go along with each side. Needless to say, both sides are full. And overflowing.
  I don't seem to remember having this problem when I was younger, maybe that was because I couldn't afford all the "toys". The boys have their toys and we have ours. Now to just make it fit. lol.
The front addition has all my miniatures, dollhouses {yet to be made} and little building equipment, like a saw etc. More supplies for completed houses like furniture etc, then I will ever use.
  Filing cabinets full of patterns etc. So how do you make it fit?  I want to make things accessible but not take up all the room. My cutting table is in the kitchen. It's the only place I can open it up to use it right now. The hall is lined with cabinets full of dolls, and the books spill out everywhere including the bookcases.
  I am forever changing things around hoping this time it will all fit and I feel like I can live with it.
My biggest worry is that I will never find "just the right way" to put it all away, so I can get at it.
  How do you deal with "nesting"?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What really is "Sewing"?

Lately I have noticed the lack of 40's common abilities. By that I mean like baking bread, knitting, sewing to make/complete a dress, or item for use in the house {curtains,tablecloths, quilts} It seems like
all this next generation can do is stare at a small rectangular box, and build muscles in the thumbs.
  When did we lose all our common sense, and knowledge that could provide the day to day supplies to survive. They don't teach much of that in school anymore. We use to learn how to cook, sew, set a table, shop, manage a household, as well as learn a skill in order to provide for a family, if need be.
  Sadly, now-a-days you don't see that much interest  And then when they are, because you made it, they think if it's not imported , it's not worth as much. So there again, what is going on  is effecting day-to-day life. On top of that, far to many are so in debt to credit cards, house payments, car payments, and payments for "toys", that should something happen, they would have nothing . Major loss on a giant scale.
  Even worse is the loss of creative minds. People that can come up with something out of the blue, and figure out how to design and put it together. Kids just want to tex one another and play games.
  I would go back to that gentler time where no-one usually heard the word stress, much less dealt with it, on a daily bases.Not quite horse and buggy, but not quite to the moon. That wonderful time when I was a child and you could have fun  playing in the warm rain and the water running along the cub.
  Something so simple and innocent with a child's wonder and joy. Remember kick the can, hide and seek, Rover come over? When was the last time you sat in a swing, dangled your feet and pushed off to see how high you could go? Or spent an hour in a hammock watching the clouds form shapes?
Whatever has become of the joy of using one's own brain?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sewing Machine cover

I have been wanting to get a cover made for my new black Singer for some time.
At last I got it done, and it turned out really nice, even had some matching colors.

{the walls are a kiwi green} Still have to make a cover for the serger, but I am getting there.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Mackinsey-Childs style chairs

I wanted to redo the chair seats on these two doll chairs for some time.
Then I stumbled across the Mackinsey-childs web site. I had gotten they catalog
and love the style that they did. So…. here are the two chairs in that style

Very different for me to create, but they turned out really nice.

Then I wanted to recreate a stool I saw there. So here it is and I call it a "Tuffet".

These are for my larger dolls, they are not miniature .
Too cute!