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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is it nesting?

Or something else? I have been moving my sewing/craft room around, and around and around. Trying to find the perfect way for it to fit into the space I have. Half of the room is the computer/ printer etc., along with a large craft box holding all my scrapbooking supplies {and a bit more. lol}
  The other half is the sewing side. Two sewing machine {that are set up, two more under the table}, a serger, and a large embroidery machine. Of course there are all the "things" that go along with each side. Needless to say, both sides are full. And overflowing.
  I don't seem to remember having this problem when I was younger, maybe that was because I couldn't afford all the "toys". The boys have their toys and we have ours. Now to just make it fit. lol.
The front addition has all my miniatures, dollhouses {yet to be made} and little building equipment, like a saw etc. More supplies for completed houses like furniture etc, then I will ever use.
  Filing cabinets full of patterns etc. So how do you make it fit?  I want to make things accessible but not take up all the room. My cutting table is in the kitchen. It's the only place I can open it up to use it right now. The hall is lined with cabinets full of dolls, and the books spill out everywhere including the bookcases.
  I am forever changing things around hoping this time it will all fit and I feel like I can live with it.
My biggest worry is that I will never find "just the right way" to put it all away, so I can get at it.
  How do you deal with "nesting"?