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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What really is "Sewing"?

Lately I have noticed the lack of 40's common abilities. By that I mean like baking bread, knitting, sewing to make/complete a dress, or item for use in the house {curtains,tablecloths, quilts} It seems like
all this next generation can do is stare at a small rectangular box, and build muscles in the thumbs.
  When did we lose all our common sense, and knowledge that could provide the day to day supplies to survive. They don't teach much of that in school anymore. We use to learn how to cook, sew, set a table, shop, manage a household, as well as learn a skill in order to provide for a family, if need be.
  Sadly, now-a-days you don't see that much interest  And then when they are, because you made it, they think if it's not imported , it's not worth as much. So there again, what is going on  is effecting day-to-day life. On top of that, far to many are so in debt to credit cards, house payments, car payments, and payments for "toys", that should something happen, they would have nothing . Major loss on a giant scale.
  Even worse is the loss of creative minds. People that can come up with something out of the blue, and figure out how to design and put it together. Kids just want to tex one another and play games.
  I would go back to that gentler time where no-one usually heard the word stress, much less dealt with it, on a daily bases.Not quite horse and buggy, but not quite to the moon. That wonderful time when I was a child and you could have fun  playing in the warm rain and the water running along the cub.
  Something so simple and innocent with a child's wonder and joy. Remember kick the can, hide and seek, Rover come over? When was the last time you sat in a swing, dangled your feet and pushed off to see how high you could go? Or spent an hour in a hammock watching the clouds form shapes?
Whatever has become of the joy of using one's own brain?

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